Dear Website Visitor:

Welcome to the Welcome page. We need your help.

We are conducting a global experiment. We want to find out why so many emails are so annoying. Here's how you can help:

First, please post stories of bad emails you've sent or received or heard about. Your story can be about any kind of obnoxious or toxic disaster, trivial or huge. We are interested in stories of:

- sarcastic emails
- vague emails
- angry emails
- demeaning emails
- misspellings
- Reply All disasters

You name it, we want to hear it.* Got a story? Head straight to the Hall of Shame to post.

Then, stay tuned. Coming soon, we'll allow you to rate all of the stories in the Hall of Shame. And the more stories we get, the sooner we will be able to isolate what types of email annoy people the most. Armed with that knowledge, maybe we can get people to stop sending really annoying email.

Thank you in advance for your help! We hope your reward will be an inbox that is, eventually, a lot less aggravating.

Thank you and all the best,
David and Will

*We aren't interested in spam, though. And do make sure your stories are true and don't contain information that identifies you or anyone else. (Read the fine print here.)